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Are you interested in joining a team to compete in TBT for 2023?


The TBT is a chance to share a winning prize of 1 million dollars to be divided between the players, coaches and general manager. We will have no more than 8 players with one extra player allowed for a injury reserve player.

We will have 2 try out dates with 2 Pro-Am tournaments before the TBT begins in July 2023. 

First tryout will be held 22nd January and the second tryout will be held 5th of March 2023.

Players who make the team will have benefits to workout whenever they want at the 24 hour fitness center in Arlington (exact location to be given)

Medical insurance

Plus a small cash stipend to assist with living expenses to prepare for the TBT 

Once we have the first team meeting we be able to answer any questions players my have. 

Rules of conduct and ethics will be provided at the first tryout as well.

We are open to any players with professional experience and or high level college experience.

Hope to see you there

University of Texas at Arlington

PEB building

Time will be posted in the coming weeks

Contact info

Thank you

Coach Daniels!


Click here for 2023 tournament information:        






Are you looking for a Sports Tour with a difference?

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Hello, my name is Larry Daniels, 12 years International Basketball Player and 7 years FIBA CERTIFIED Head Basketball Coach. I would like to introduce a unique Sport Team Tour like none other! Best thing about our tour is we travel on a cruise ship to games which allows the experience of a lifetime.

I have begun reaching out to different youth and professional teams around the world who can use the advantages of this tour. We assist in holding one of the largest professional and youth basketball tournaments held in Barcelona, Spain each year.

To touch on what we offer, is a 14 day experience with games in Spain, Italy and Greece. What makes our tour so special……We do all of our travel via the Norwegian Cruise Ship.

If you would like to find out more information on what we can offer in terms of Sports Team Tours or if you would like us to customise a tour for a specific group, then please contact me today.

Thank you





MaxHoopSkills Basketball Institute

Irving, TX 75038